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Skillful Long Island Lawyer Handles Traffic Violation Cases

New York firm defends drivers against all types of charges

Just one traffic violation can impose points,  cost you a lot of money, increase your insurance premiums and in some cases your driving privileges. Before you accept a license suspension, fine or higher insurance rates, you deserve the chance to confront the charges against you. At The Law Office of Michael E. Beer, Attorney at Law in Woodmere, we represent clients in a full range of New York traffic matters. Whether you’ve been accused of a moving violation, or some other type of unlawful conduct while driving, our firm will take on police and prosecutors aggressively to give you the best chance at a fair result.

Woodmere attorney fights traffic tickets and citations

Authorities rely on the fact that accused motorists won’t stand up for their rights. Our firm turns the tables on law enforcement by vigorously defending drivers accused of violations such as:

  • Speeding — A speeding conviction means that you’ll incur a fine and points that can increase your insurance costs and might lead to license suspension. The specific penalties depend on your driving history and how much you were allegedly exceeding the speed limit. Most drivers don’t realize the many errors that can occur during speed-limit enforcement. We will battle to defeat faulty charges.
  • Running a red light or stop sign — If a police officer’s split-second judgment is wrong, you might be unfairly charged with running a red light or stop sign. Drivers have the right to enter an intersection if a light is yellow. Even red-light cameras can be timed incorrectly. Our firm conducts a thorough investigation to find the truth.
  • Violating license restrictions — Our firm represents people who have been targeted by police for breaching the terms of their driver license or violating previous sanctions.
  • Moving violations — In cases involving texting while driving, failure to stop for a school bus, or other moving violations, we provide comprehensive legal support.Attorney Michael Beer has a detailed understanding of the laws that govern New York roads and skillfully handles tickets as well as criminal charges such as driving while suspended and reckless driving.

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Michael E. Beer, Attorney at Law defends New Yorkers against alleged traffic violations and other types of driving-related charges. Please call 516-569-4107 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our office in Woodmere, Long Island.