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New York Lawyer Defends Clients Charged with Texting While Driving

Long Island attorney handles cases involving alleged distractions

By now, most New Yorkers realize that texting while driving is against state law, but it takes an experienced attorney to deliver the strongest possible defense. In these cases, police officers only get a quick view of a driver and it’s easy to mistake innocent conduct for an unlawful distraction. Michael E. Beer, Attorney at Law in Woodmere assists motorists who have been accused of sending text messages, using a handheld phone or engaging in other distracting activity while behind the wheel. We aggressively challenge these tickets on behalf of clients who have been wrongfully accused of ignoring the road.

Woodmere firm advises motorists accused of improper smartphone use

Across Long Island and elsewhere in the state, our firm delivers knowledgeable advice to New Yorkers who are accused of operating portable electronic devices such as smartphones while driving. If you’ve been ticketed in connection with this offense, we can explain the law relating to:

  • Evidence — As a primary offense, police officers are permitted to stop a car if they believe the driver is talking on a handheld phone, playing games, viewing images or texting.
  • Penalties — A first conviction for using a portable electronic device while driving carries a fine of up to $138 and five license points.
  • Other distractions — Cellphones are not the only distractions that can lead to legal trouble. Driving while drowsy or paying attention to other people in the car can lead to moving violations or even a misdemeanor reckless driving charge.

Since 1993, we have provided exceptional representation to New Yorkers accused of traffic violations. In a free initial consultation, attorney Michael Beer can advise you regarding your legal options.

Skillful lawyer uses available defenses to protect accused motorists

In addition to challenging police officers’ testimony in texting while driving cases, we offer all available defenses listed in the relevant statute. These can include hands-free electronic devices or handheld devices that are attached to the dashboard or another vehicle surface. If you are holding a phone to make an emergency call to the police, fire department or a medical provider, you can also avoid legal sanctions.

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